Efor:  Anders Gadegaard

Inspector Collegii: Julie Egelund Andersen (ic@borchen.dk)

Webmaster: (it@borchen.dk)

Borchs Kollegium
St. Kannikestræde 12
1169 København K

Information about applying for a room at Borchs Kollegium:

To apply for a room at Borchs Kollegium the following must be fullfilled:

1). There are available rooms. Please see the front page and
Optagelse. The phrase “Ingen ledige værelser” means that we, unfortunately, do not
have any vacant rooms at the moment.

2) You are enrolled as a student at the University of Copenhagen at one of the three departments: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Theology or Faculty of Science.

3) You have completed 1.5 years of studies (90 ects).

The official application form can be found here http://studier.ku.dk/pdf/skema_kollegieansoegning_2010.pdf/  and must be sent to

Julie Egelund Andersen
Store Kannikestræde 12
1169 København K

Please include a personal motivation letter.